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IBG's Spring Picks

IBG's Spring Picks

As the weather warms up and the birds start to sing, it’s the official alarm that spring is here. It is finally time to get outside! At Island Beach Gear, we're gearing up for spring by hand picking our favorite products for all your outdoor activities. Check out the list below to see Island Beach Gear's Spring Picks!





When the weather starts to get nice, the "to do" list piles up. With endless tasks, don't work harder - find an Alumacart wagon that best fits your needs! Need a way to effortlessly transport tools for projects around the house, gardening, sports or fishing equipment? Alumacart's industrial strength aluminum and high quality commercial grade material are sure to withstand any terrain!



A company focused on innovation, design, and value, Geckobrands delivers a variety of high quality products for all outdoor activities. Whether going on a hike or having a picnic, Geckobrands’ Backpack Cooler and Drawstring Bag are durable and waterproof for ease of mind. When paddling out into the water, make sure to secure your phone and other belongings in a Geckobrands Float Phone Dry Bag and Swim Bag.


Ranger Ready Repellent

Ticks, mosquitos, and gnats will be celebrating spring too - don't wait until after your first mosquito bite to grab Ranger Ready Repellent. This Picaridin insect repellent provides protection from Lymes Disease, West Nile, and other vector borne diseases. This quick-dry formula gives you 12-hour protection making it a must have for the backyard and beyond. Choose between scents like Orange, Amber, or Scent Free.


GCI Outdoor Everywhere Chair

No matter where you go this spring, GCI Outdoor's Everywhere Chair will be your perfect companion. This folding recliner allows for adjusting the position of the backrest, as well as adjusting to various slopes and terrain. The Everywhere Chair supports up to 250 lbs and includes features like the Auto-Fold™ shoulder strap for easy opening, closing and carrying.


Funsparks Lawn Darts

Unwind with family & friends with a game for everyone! Funsparks Lawn Darts is similar to the classic dart game with a twist! The soft tipped, durable darts stand up after every toss and are great to play at the beach, lawn, park, backyard or other soft surfaces. Plus, they’re glow in the dark for hours of fun!


Looking for more spring must-haves?? Head to to check out our full inventory! 

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