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Which WheelEEZ® is Right for You?

Which WheelEEZ® is Right for You?



With warmer weather approaching, now is the time to get a jumpstart on everything you need for your next project or adventure! Whether you are looking to spend your days relaxing on the beach, fishing on the pier, or working around the house, a WheelEEZ® cart is the perfect tool to have to carry everything you need! At Island Beach Gear, we are ready to help you determine which WheelEEZ cart is right for you. 


Beach Cart

Looking for a cart that will carry everyone's gear to the beach? With a WheelEEZ's Beach Cart, you will only need one trip to and from the car or your beach bungalow. Their low-pressure polyurethane balloon tires allow the cart to ride over soft sand without fear of getting stuck. 

The WheelEEZ Beach Cart can double as a gardening or utility cart! Fill the WheelEEZ Beach Cart with up to 220 lbs of dirt, gravel, or tools and easily maneuver your load over any challenging terrain! Additionally, use the WheelEEZ Beach Cart rolls effortlessly on snow to assist in snow removal or bringing firewood back to your winter cabin with ease! 



Folding Beach Cart

Participate in all of your favorite activities, but save some room with WheelEEZ's Folding Beach Cart! Made with epoxy-powder coated tubular steel frame and a 165 lb weight limit, this cart can haul gear for all of the same activities you love but can also fold flat for storage. This cart also has low pressure balloon wheels and includes tie down straps to help secure your belongings to the cart on the way to the beach, a sporting event, or doing yard work.



Folding Beach Cart Mini 

WheelEEZ Folding Beach Cart is also available in a smaller version. This orange Mini Folding Beach Cart has a weight capacity of 99 lbs and is perfect for those with less stuff to bring! Great to fit the gear of two adults. 



Kayak/Canoe Cart

No more struggling - it's time to upgrade your gear! Grab a WheelEEZ Canoe/Kayak Cart to transport your canoe or kayak with ease over soft sand and other challenging surface terrains. With a weight capacity of 175 lbs and strong marine grade anodized aluminum tubing, it is built to last for all of your outdoor adventures! For easy mobility and storage, the cart's wheels pop off and can stow inside your kayak.



Kayak/Canoe Cart Mini

Specifically designed for touring kayaks, WheelEEZ's Mini Kayak/Canoe Cart is collapsible to fit into most kayak deck hatches after transporting your kayak easily over challenging surface terrain, up to 121 lbs. 




WheelEEZ Beach Cart Comparison Chart

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