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LA SIESTA® Suspension Set for Hammock Chairs and JOKIs

Hammock Trader Jumbo Mayan Hammock

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Hammock Trader’s Caribbean Mayan Hammocks are based on the original Hammock designs of the early Central American civilizations. Upgraded with thicker weather resistant soft-spun polyester, these Mayan hammocks will not rot mold or mildew. Sized to hold 2 adults plus. This style of hammock is considered the most comfortable by hammock aficionado's. Available in over 10 stunning colors. • POLYESTER MAYAN HAMMOCK (Tan) • 100% Polyester Rope (Weather Durable) • Width 10 ft • Bed Length 7 ft • Total Length 15 ft • Hanging Distance 11 -17 feet • Weight - 10 lbs. • Capacity - 800 lbs
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