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Spikeball 2006 Combo Meal Game

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Looking for an intense new workout to get you noticed at the beach? Then look to Spikeball. Spikeball is like hacky sack with your hands, with a netted trampoline that only adds extra intensity, insanity and adrenaline. Its backpack makes it easy to travel and play anywhere; the beach, the mountain, the park, your college dorm room. So grab your buds and get noticed with Spikeball. The Combo Meal includes a Spikeball net, Backpack, and 3 balls. How to Spikeball: • Teams are 2 on 2 • Serve the ball off the net • Teams have up to 3 hits to spike the ball on the net • Keep volleying until one team can’t return • If they mess up, you score • First team to 21 wins • Combo of 4-square and volleyball Have a dog? If there's a chance he'll eat the balls make sure you opt for the Combo. Intense. Competitive. Trash Talk. Spikeball is played 2 on 2 with rules kinda/sorta like volleyball. As our friends at UrbanDaddy wrote, “A taut Hula Hoop-sized net is placed at ankle level between a pair of two-player teams. Includes: Spikeball Game, 3 Spikeball Balls, Custom Game Backpack
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