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Spikeball Spikebuoy 'Floater' Set

This Floater set can be attached to your Spikeball game so you can take the fun of Spikebal to the pool, lake or even the ocean!   


  • Includes five leg floats with straps
  • One carrying bag - which is also the anchor bag. Fill it with a 3-4 lb item that doesn’t have sharp edges! Sand works great
  • Attaches to your Pro or standard Spikeball frame
  • Play at any water depth. More shallow water = more running and dives.

SpikeBall kit not included

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The Spikebuoy Floater set is an attachment that can be installed onto your Standard or Pro Spikeball set that allow you to play in the lake, ocean or pool. Included are 5 leg floats and an anchor bag, you can attach the leg floats to your Spikeball set and fill the anchor bag with a heavy object so the game stays in place. Standard Spikeball rules with one exception: If you’re playing in a pool, anytime the ball lands outside the pool is considered out of bounds.


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