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Wheeleez WZ1-42UC 16.5inch Gray Wheel PU 1'' Bearing

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Our Price: $131.99

Our Code: WLZ-0001
MFG Code: WZ1-42UC

Product Description

The Wheeleez 42 cm wheel has stainless steel ball bearings in a plastic housing with fiberglass and inhibitors to keep the bearings impervious to outside elements. The Wheeleez 42cm wheel comes stock with 1'' axle bore and replaceable ball bearing cassettes. Bearing cassettes are felt sealed to keep sand and grit out.

The Wheeleez 42cm wheel Features:
- Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
- Bearings: Stainless Steel Ball Bearings in Plastic Housing
- Outside Dimensions: 16.5x7.9" (42x20 cm)
- Material: Polyurethane, Texin985U
- Max. Payload per Wheel 176 lbs (80 kg)

Wheeleez Tire changing procedure:
- Deflate tire
- Remove nuts from back side of wheel. (3) PVC wheel, (4) PU wheel.
- Remove bolts and Bearing Retainer Rings.
- Separate Hub Halves by pulling apart gradually.
- Remove Bearings/Bushings from Hub Halves and replace if visibly worn.
- Remove old tire and discard.
- Reverse procedure for installation of new tire. Wiggle tire/hub halves to seat together.
- Inflate to proper PSI (See side of tire for correct pressure).

Hint: Change 1 tire at a time leaving other(s) assembled as reference when re-assembling.

Tools required:
1. 10mm adjustable socket wrench/ratchet or nut driver required to remove nuts & bolts.
2. Tire Pump
3. Low Pressure Gauge.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Wheeleez
Product Weight 6
Shipping Time Ships same business day if ordered by 3:00 PM ET. (Weekends Excluded)
Frame Aluminum